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Growing your online presence

As a Marketing Manager at Excellence Property, Queensland’s most innovative property management agency, I’ve developed numerous social media strategies for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. All of these strategies have provided Excellence Property with exposure and recognition, and we believe these strategies can help the next great female entrepreneur achieve the same. 

However, be warned. If you’re simply chasing likes and followers, these strategies may not work for you. This is because they’ve been specifically designed to nurture prospects and maintain excellent, long-term relationships with current customers. Still interested? Be sure to keep reading.

1. Appear dominant on Facebook

For Facebook, your number one concern should be creating the perception of market dominance and being the obvious choice for your prospects. You can do this by using Facebook to provide useful information but remember to:
  • keep it engaging
  • keep it empowering
  • keep it entertaining.
  • memes, a highly relatable message or even a controversial post are great ways to grab attention and possibly go viral.
  • make sure you use variety as well
Think of your Facebook page as a TV channel. Nobody wants to see the same re-runs on a loop. Also, don’t be afraid to post bloopers. People love bloopers!

2. Appear human on Instagram

Instagram, on the other hand, should be used in a more humanising way. Tell your story, speak about the failures you’ve overcome and make your voice clear.

People will only do business with a brand that they trust. By highlighting your team and their personalities, you will be showing potential clients that the people in your office are human beings and not boring machines who just read sales pitches off a script.

Use a mixture of images, videos, carousels, and reels to show the behind-the-scenes of your workplace. Remember that on Instagram, people want to see YOU. Not whatever product you’re trying hard to sell.

3. Appear knowledgeable on LinkedIn

As for LinkedIn, your primary focus should be expanding your network. You can do this by joining groups and discussions on whatever industry you work in. In these groups, you should connect with the types of people who regularly use your services.

For example, we’re in property management, so we try to connect with accountants, mortgage brokers, developers, business owners and the like, as they’re the type of people who are more likely to be the owner of an investment property.

Also, you should regularly post market updates, office achievements, blogs, and points of difference. Why? Because potential clients will be more willing to contact you if your profile presents you as an expert in your field. 

4. Appear helpful on YouTube

Did you know that Google favours YouTube videos in a search?

Now, think about what people are Googling in regard to your industry. What do they want to know? Once you’ve got this figured out, get to work on creating some videos. If you’re in the same industry as us, then some of the most commonly asked questions are “how to prepare my home for rent?” and “how to sell my home?”. That’s two videos right there.

An important fact to remember is your videos don’t need to be excessively polished. In fact, people respond better to real and raw content because it doesn’t feel like a big-budget advertisement.

About Excellence Property

Excellence Property is a property management and real estate sales agency in Townsville, North Queensland. 

The agency is run by Elley Hudson, a purpose-driven female entrepreneur who wants to change the industry for the better. In her career, Elley has had to overcome the unsaid social expectation that female leaders shouldn’t be assertive or ask hard questions. 

Because of this experience, Elley wants to increase the number of women in business, so we as a society can eventually remove the gender bias that keeps women from being comfortable with all the amazing qualities that make them who they are.

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