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I am a woman, raised by a woman, surrounded by women;

Phenomenal Women!

What brings me here is that I’m a woman; I have grown up in India, where society has a different perception of women in general. However, many women have the courage and have led by an example for many girls, ladies who still fear stepping out and thinking of their passion and being ambitious about it.

I came from a family where I always had support and was never judged or stopped pursuing my dream. I graduated as a Fashion Designer from the prestigious college in India NIFT and then worked as a Fashion Designer with spectacular professionals from the Fashion fraternity. However, I did not stop here; I decided to move to London and accomplish Masters’s in International Fashion Marketing from Coventry University. 

Working in the industry and getting paid well is what everybody aims for. After all, we all have responsibilities to take care of and have future security. Despite all this, I always loved to draw. My interest in art kept growing unconditionally. I developed a specific style of drawing. From doodling to mandala and zentangle art, I have polished myself in creating minimalistic line art featuring elements that we see regularly but fail to notice.

I draw on paper, canvas, walls, and sometimes body!

The world is my canvas!

Having said that, People love stories; they love art, and every craft that has a tale will make any person understand what exactly simple, minimal lines, a splash of colors mean to an artist.

I am inspired by my grandfather, a well-renowned fine artist. Growing up with him and experiencing his ups and downs today fuelled me to grow as an Artist.

I craft emotions. My signature style of drawing is half female face. The world is still trying to understand what a woman really wants?!

As a woman, I would say that just look into her eyes and try to hear what her lips are murmuring, you will know what she is going through, and here you break the ice.

On 2.2.2022, I made it official and launched my first online Etsy shop, which many creatives use to promote and sell their creations. Moreover, publishing some of my recent digital creations has attracted interest; hence, I feel my growth occurs.

Proudly and precisely Imperfect!

One of my favorite creations on my Etsy shop is

Look at this art for 3 secs and write down the first 3 words that hit your mind.
A woman – Soulful eyes – calm lips
Soulful eyes holding unsaid emotions between the lips
This is a simple presentation of a phenomenal woman I call. Simple strokes and cool shades of color highlight the attributes and connect them with the viewer.

I created another work looking at the ongoing war we all witnessed between Ukraine and Russia. Overwhelmed with Ukrainians’ enthusiasm to save their nation. Hats-off to women who are letting their son, husband, brother, and father who just a day before were doing their regular jobs, and now suddenly they are holding weapons and dying on the border with a hope of securing their motherland and family.

In support of Ukrainian Women, I came up with this design where the background is splashed with the native color – Blue and yellow.

The red beneath denotes the blood they have lost in this war, yet with passion and aggression, each woman is holding up in awful conditions to see a smile on their child’s face. Confidence and fire in her eye are proof that no woman is weak.

Black strokes are an impression to resonate with what our mind is undoubtedly experiencing during the war.

My energy is fueled by my surroundings, which I receive and perceive. 

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