6 tips to harness your feminine power to create more opportunities in your business

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It takes clarity, commitment, courage, resilience & sass among other things to launch and grow your business as a powerful female entrepreneur. I want to share with you how being a soulful & sexy entrepreneur can fuel your growth exponentially as a woman in business.

Remembering & accepting the wisdom that you are a beautiful Divine being can be your infinite source of self-worth, unwavering confidence & everything you need to persevere when times get tough. Why? Because when you realize that your potential is limitless & that you are a part of something greater than even yourself, you are able to harness this energy from collective intelligence.

Sexy is not provocative, sexy is spiritual, it can be modest in a professional setting or slightly ris·qué in your personal life. Sexy is intuitively flowing with grace & is also a mindset shift, because when you consciously choose to embody a new way of arriving in the world & your business, feeling sexy and looking sophisticated. You can & will change your entire reality, people will communicate & treat you differently because your presence commands respect.

Having a deeper understanding of your Divine origins

Having a deeper understanding of the truth of your Divine origins is awe-inspiring, empowering, authentic & downright sexy. Our sexuality is sacred and so when we feel sexy in our own skin, it’s absolutely empowering, we carry ourselves differently, with more confidence, radiance & allure. These powerful characteristics and quality traits are invaluable for women in business because we are playing in a male-dominated world. Having the confidence to make smart deals, building strong relationships with people in business, & leading with undeniable self-worth can and will, distinctly set you apart from others in your industry.

When we embody our Divine femininity and learn how to express this energy by taking inspired actions of self-love rituals to enhance our self-image & personal/business branding. You’ve got the making of an unstoppable female entrepreneur, standing in her power as a beautiful Divine & sexy leader.

Here are some simple ways to harness your feminine power and apply it to your business:

  1. Trusting & tuning into your intuition so that you can rely on yourself when needed to make sound decisions for your business.
  2. Grounding yourself to stay calm & fierce when in difficult situations such as during negotiations so you can land the deal you deserve.
  3. Allowing your nurturing side to the surface when building rapport with clients, teammates or partners, people are more inclined to genuine connections.
  4. Holding space for your creativity to flow so you can come up with innovative solutions to solve your customers or business problems.
  5. Flowing through your days with grace & ease because this energy will expand to positively impact your surroundings & those you work with.
  6. Being proud to be a woman in business, this attitude coupled with humility will carry you through your journey of building a successful business.

Remember that we all possess Divine femininity & can tap into this abundant source at any given time to fuel our personal growth and ultimately the growth of our business.

What I’ve shared with you are the key differences between an ordinary female entrepreneur and an extraordinary female entrepreneur.

Ask yourself, how would your life look differently, if/when you embrace your Divine femininity, to feel sexy in your own skin whilst looking sophisticated?

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