How to Navigate Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy

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When it comes to navigating your own digital marketing strategy it can feel like it’s just too hard basket (most of the time!) but I am here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be that way and there are some really easy things to pop in place that can help you feel like you are nailing it each and every step of the way!

How do I know this? Well, I am a digital strategist, and teach business owners how to write their own strategy documents (or if they want, they completely outsource everything to me!) 

Something I have always loved is a strategy (which is just a fancy name for a plan). Because at the end of the day if you don’t have a plan for the things that you’re implementing you’re just winging it. And while that might allow you to get some quick wins from time to time, they won’t be sustainable.

Instead, having a strategy in place means that you know exactly what your goals are within your business, and how you want to achieve them with measurable indicators!

But, how can I navigate my own digital marketing strategy?

Let’s dive in and I can explain more because these are my top 3 tips to getting you on your way when it comes to nailing your own digital marketing strategy.

1. Know Your Goals

Why? Well, if you have no clue what you are setting out to achieve then how are you going to meet those goals and create the content to do this. This is where so many entrepreneurs fall short because those goals, are all in their heads, and unless you write it down and share that vision with the stakeholders in your biz, then they have no buy-in so they aren’t going to be actively helping you to meet that goal. 

Instead. Know your goals. Be super clear on what they are. Attach numbers to them when writing them, such as “I want to help 100 business owners nail their digital marketing strategy by December 31, 2022!”

2. Know Your Message

Shout it from the rooftops but make sure that you have that common message throughout. It should be a consistent and CLEAR message on every single platform that you’re on.

Don’t chat like we’re besties on TikTok, and then go all professional on Instagram. There’s definitely a time for a more profesh tone of voice (aka LinkedIn) but keep in mind where your ideal audience is hanging out and the way that they want to be spoken to and you’ll be sweet.

AND when it comes to your messaging, own it. Just like your pricing, if you don’t back your messaging you’ll never be able to sell what you have on offer because no one will believe it, because you don’t!

3. Know Your Audience

Be really aware of who you’re speaking to and ensure that the tone of voice you are using
suits their needs.

Because if you’re attempting to speak to everyone, you’ll end up speaking to no one because the message is too vague and filtered down.

I’m not saying you need to know their age, sex, or location (*ahem* ASL. Here’s to showing my age!) But what I am saying is that you need to know what their passions are, what their problems are, and what some of their objections might be. 

Um, what?!

If your head is left feeling overwhelmed right now, it can be totally normal. Marketing isn’t a walk in the park, and this is why I have a few different options when it comes to creating a strategy for clients. 

You can completely outsource to me, this is when I will write the strategy for your business, and then implement it. I can do this for your entire digital media, or for any of the following: social media, email or content marketing.

Then there’s the option where I write your strategy, but you implement it. At the very beginning, you fill in a lengthy form before I write the strategy. We then chat (and anyone in your team can tag along too!) for 2hrs – going through the strategy, as well as brainstorming. You then have me on voxer for a whole month (we can include your team in here too for this!) which will keep you accountable. We then have a quick 30-minute chat at the end, just to make sure there’s nothing that doesn’t make sense, and so on. PHEW!

And finally, I have the option where I can teach you how to write your own strategy.

Over 4 weeks I will take you through the ins and outs of everything so that you can feel confident in writing your own strategy. You get lifetime access to the program too (BONUS!) and you’ll have an epic strategy that you wrote yourself at the end of it! This program only opens its doors every few months, so don’t miss the opportunity!

Author Bio

Carly is a Digital Strategist who spends her time creating epic strategies that make a big impact on entrepreneurs! And then when it comes to the implementation, well, her superpower is her ability to write copy that is conversational (but yet converts). If you’d love to hear more about strategy from Carly, she shares snippets of actionable steps to take on a weekly basis on her podcast, ‘Talk Strategy To Me’ and always on her Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. See links below!

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