Webinar: How to beat content creation overwhelm with the Aligned content model

In an overcrowded world is hard to stand out, so how do you craft the perfect message, that’s at the same time clear and authentic?

Learn how to create impact and results online through message clarity. Learn to stand out in your own unique and awesome way with an easy-to-follow and aligned content strategy.

In this webinar, we bring Jenny de Lacy, Content Marketing Consultant, social media expert, speaker, and educator at Talking Digital. She will guide you through the Aligned Content Model – a model meant to help you create a content plan that’s centered around your business mission AND the humans you want to impact.

Together with Jenny, in this session, we will:
🌟 Introduce the Aligned Content Model
🌟 Discuss how Jenny’s model helped other female business owners clarify their messaging and be more authentic in their communication
🌟 Explain a step-by-step approach to showcase your business and how YOU can implement the Aligned Content Model
🌟 Show how you can embed this content model into your own social media strategies
🌟 Run a Q&A session where you ask Jenny all your questions

Join us in a discussion with a brilliant female business owner, and walk out with new insights and tips on how to resonate with your audience.

When: 23rd of May
Where: Online
Time: 10:00 CEST or 18:00 AEDT

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